Recreation. Rescue. Agtech. 

A high performance electric platform built to spec

This video contains pre-release alpha prototype footage and is not a full representation of the final product or its capability.

Unmatched terrain traversing, agile mobility, autonomous and amphibious capabilities. Whether its a toy for the back of the super yacht, first responder in a disaster scenario, or autonomous forestry survey drone. Skimmer is the solution.


4x high-power DC Brushless electric motors. 0-60km/hr in 4 sec, instant torque and response


Excels on soft and delicate terrain, minimising risk and environmental impact


Lightweight build allows for fully buoyant amphibious capability

Airless Tyres

Foam core multi-layered with fibre-cloth and durable polymer skin tread

All Electric

Smart traction and power system with configurable battery options


High speed 4WS or Zero-radius tank steer. Fully customisable drive-by-wire smart control


Carbon Fibre & Aluminium chassis with 3D Printed Titanium components

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    The Skimmer and all relating materials have been designed and tested in New Zealand by Blender Design.